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Top Beauty Spa FAQs: What You Need to Know

Edmonton Beauty Spa

Beauty spas are synonymous with extravagance and luxury, but did you know they also provide incredible health benefits? Here’s everything you need to know about your first visit to an Edmonton beauty spa. 

The words ‘beauty spa’ often conjure up extravagance and pampering but today, treatments such as massages and facials are increasingly affordable and provide incredible health and aesthetic benefits.

In fact, visiting a beauty spa can have many benefits, including:

  • treatments such as massages and manicures/pedicures lower stress levels
  • spa treatments such as massages can improve blood circulation and regulate blood pressure
  • facials and chemical peels stimulate cell renewal, improving your skin tone and reducing the look of wrinkles
  • treatments can draw out harmful toxins from your body, leading to glowing and healthier skin

Customized Treatments at Our Edmonton Beauty Spa

At Glo Skin and Medspa, we are committed to helping you feel beautiful, confident, and happy from the inside out. We offer a wide range of beauty spa packages that can fulfill all your beauty, health, and skin care needs.

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Beauty Spa FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking for a place that will help you rejuvenate your body, mind, and skin? A beauty spa is an excellent place to start. If you’re getting a new treatment, or you’ve never been to a spa before, here’s everything you need to know so you can make the most of your service:

What You Need to Know Before You Go to a Beauty Spa

  • Do your homework. No two beauty spas are the same and you want to make sure that the amenities and services offered fit your unique needs.
  • If you have a preference for either a male or female aesthetician, make sure to ask at the time of making your appointment and not when you arrive, as it may be too late to change it then.
  • Try to avoid coffee or too much caffeine before you visit the beauty spa - it will be hard to relax on the massage table if you’re still under the effects of your coffee. The same applies to a heavy meal.
  • If you’ve booked an exfoliation treatment, DO NOT shave less than 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Avoid prodding at your skin and nails in the days leading up to your treatment, as this may interfere with the technician’s work.
  • Arrive at least 15-20 minutes before your appointment so you can accustom yourself to the spa’s environment and you can enter your treatment with a relaxed mind.

Once You’re There

  • Once you check in at the front desk, let them know it’s your first time at the beauty spa and ask for a tour of the facilities. In some places, the staff may provide you with a robe and slippers, so make sure to get there a little early to allow yourself some time to get ready and comfortable.
  • You may be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire addressing any medical conditions, allergies, or sensitivities you may have. TIP: food grade allergies are important to note as they are in many skin care products.
  • If you’re on any medication, especially for your skin, such as retinol or Retin-A, research any side effects that could occur during your treatment and ALWAYS talk to your esthetician beforehand.
  • Before deciding on which treatment you want, talk to your esthetician about particular body areas you want to target (eg. back tightness, skin areas you want to clear up), so they can customize your treatment as much as possible.

What You Should Bring

  • While most spas give you a robe, slippers, and towel when you arrive, you can bring your own if you prefer.
  • Dress as comfortably as you want, though you should bring an extra change of clothes for after your treatment, depending on your plans following the appointment.
  • If you plan on using the spa amenities, make sure to take gym clothes, a swimsuit, and even a toothbrush.
  • Don’t forget a contact lens case and solution if you wear contacts and you’re doing a treatment such as a brow or lash tint, or eyebrow permanent tattooing.
  • Try to unplug from the real world as much as you can, so take some light reading with you or music as you wait.


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I came in to enquire about some skin imperfections and botox etc. The staff was especially sensitive to what I needed and complimented what I already had. I hope the staff excel in the areas of dematology/age tolerations in their career. They are a must with this area of beauty. Thanks for all of the valuable information.

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