Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup in Edmonton

Is it taking longer and longer to get ready in the morning? Are you tired of penciling brows everyday? Does your eyeliner always smudge and wear off?

With Permanent Makeup, you can toss those brow pencils and eyeliners. Look great from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.

Have a professional at our Edmonton Medical Spa apply your makeup and be ready when you roll out of bed every day. Imagine how much time, money, and angst you’ll save if you wake up with your brows and liner already on. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

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Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most defining feature of the face. A full and well-defined brow frames the face, emphasizes the eyes, and creates a youthful lift.

Whether your brows have thinned, are over-plucked, very fair, or you simply want to improve their shape and look, permanent makeup will correct it all.

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows are for any woman who has…

  • Hair loss
  • Sparse brows
  • Lack of definition
  • Lack of shape
  • Thin brows
  • Scars
  • An active lifestyle

Our Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Specialist will take many factors into consideration when it comes to your brow enhancement.

No two sets of brows are alike and the best brows come from following what is already naturally there. The unique bone structure and contours of your face will play a significant part in the look and shape of your eyebrows. Color is carefully selected to match your natural skin tone and hair color.

Once shape and color are determined, our Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Specialist uses a feathering technique to apply individual hair strokes of pigment to create a soft, natural, and multidimensional looking brow.


Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner gives the appearance of a fuller, thicker lash line and enhances the eyes with a result that is incredibly natural.

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner is for any woman who...

  • Doesn’t want to apply eyeliner everyday
  • Wants smudge proof eyeliner that is perfectly shaped
  • Has fair, thin, or missing eyelashes
  • Has an active lifestyle

Permanent Eyeliner will make your eyes appear bigger, better defined, and more wide-awake. There is no smudging, no running, and it won’t need to be painstakingly removed every night.


Permanent Makeup Lip Liner

Age, active skincare products, sun exposure, and cold sores are just a few reasons why your lip border may not be as defined as it used to be.

Permanent Makeup Lip Liner is for any woman who....

  • Has a faded or irregular lip (vermillion) border
  • Wants the appearance of more voluminous lips
  • Has an active lifestyle

Our Permanent Makeup Specialist will use natural looking pigments to match your natural lip color, ultimately giving the appearance of more voluminous lips. Plus, it makes it way easier to apply your favorite lipstick!

Complimentary Permanent Makeup Consultation

Permanent Makeup will transform your morning routine, allowing you to just get up and go!

At our Edmonton Medical Spa, we understand that each client has unique concerns and aesthetic goals which is why we offer a COMPLIMENTARY PERMANENT MAKEUP CONSULTATION.

To learn more about our Permanent Makeup services, contact us at 780-481-9772.


Micropigmentation and Microblading are not the same. Some of the differences are technique, type of pigment used, and longevity of results.

To find out more about the differences read our article here. Most importantly, our knowledgeable and highly trained Technician has 10 years experience and can customize a treatment to your individual concerns and aesthetic goals.

While this varies depending on the treatment area, an average permanent makeup appointment can last between 1.5 - 2 hours.

A topical numbing cream and liquid anesthetic is used prior to and throughout the procedure to ensure that you remain as comfortable as possible.

You can expect your results to last 2-4 years before you may need a touch-up. Sun exposure and active skin care products (ex. Retinol) will cause your permanent makeup to fade the quickest.

To extend the longevity of your results, wear sunscreen, sun hat/sunglasses, and keep active skin care products away from the perimeter of your brows.


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