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How to Get The Best Eyebrow Shape

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Eyebrows are one of a person’s most prominent and important features because of the way they frame your eyes and showcase your expression. From waxing to permanent makeup, here’s how to get the perfect eyebrows. 

Eyebrows are a very important facial feature. They help accentuate the eyes, shape the face, and play a powerful role in communication. Of course, no one is born with perfect eyebrows so to achieve an aesthetically-pleasing look, eyebrows should be routinely waxed, trimmed, shaped, and/or filled.

A well-defined eyebrow can:

  • make you look more youthful
  • frame and flatter your eyes
  • refine your look and give you a more polished look
  • enhance your facial balance

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How to Achieve The Perfect Set of Eyebrows

Having well-groomed eyebrows can completely transform your face, play up your eyes, and reveal a more confident you. From eyebrow waxing to eyebrow tattoos, here are the ways in which a professional can help you achieve a gorgeous set of brows.

1. Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow waxing is a quick, relatively gentle, and long-lasting way to define the shape of your brows. Regrowth takes several weeks and you’ll find that your hair becomes lighter, thinner, and weaker with multiple treatments.

Eyebrow waxing stacks up impressively against other hair removal options.

Eyebrow waxing vs plucking: Plucking out individual hairs takes much longer than waxing and you may run the risk of getting carried away with the tweezers. This could mean ending up with a patchy brow.

Eyebrow waxing vs threading: Whilst eyebrow threading is an increasingly popular and precise way of grooming your eyebrows, it takes longer than waxing and tends to hurt a little more.

What To Expect From Eyebrow Waxing

Well-groomed brows frame your face and accentuate your features so it’s important to visit a professional for a wax as they can help you create the perfect shape. Here’s what to expect:

  • Before you go for your appointment, make sure to grow out your eyebrows as much as possible as this will ensure your natural shape is visible.
  • Your beautician will ensure your brows are symmetrical and may draw an imaginary line from the end of the nose to the inner and outer edge of the eye to use as a guide.
  • Hot wax will be applied to the treatment area and your hair will then be removed. This is mainly done from in between and underneath the brows.
  • Your brows may also be trimmed from above to create a sharper outline.

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2. Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Do you desire fuller brows? Are you suffering from hair loss or simply want to add color or definition to your eyebrows? Then permanent makeup eyebrows could be the perfect solution for you.

Microblading is an advanced form of eyebrow tattooing that promises bolder brows with a natural appearance by using a small, handheld tool topped off with microneedles. This deposits a pigment under the first layer of skin via strokes that resemble brow hairs.

Is microblading the right option for you?

Microblading is an excellent option for clients who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill in over-plucked brows. However, certain skin and medical conditions can make you a less than ideal candidate including:

  • oily skin
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • rosacea
  • dermatitis
  • pregnancy
  • certain autoimmune disorders

Before deciding on any cosmetic treatment, it’s important to book a consultation with a dermatologist so they can help determine if this is a safe procedure for you.

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At Glo Skin and Med Spa, our team understands the importance of well-shaped eyebrows. From eyebrow waxing to permanent makeup eyebrows, we have all the services you need to achieve the perfect set of brows to enhance your appearance.

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