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Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal For Men

Forget about your clippers and shavers. At Glo Skin and Med Spa, we offer customized, permanent laser hair removal for men.

Unwanted hair on certain parts of your body, including your ears, chest, and back, can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. The good news? At our Edmonton skin clinic, we offer advanced laser hair removal services tailored specifically for men.

We are able to permanently remove hair from areas of your body including:

  • Face, ears, and neck
  • Chest and stomach
  • Back and shoulders

Customized Permanent Hair Removal Services in Edmonton

At Glo Skin and Med Spa, we offer the latest technology in permanent laser hair removal for men and women in Edmonton. Our services are delivered to the highest standards, and we treat all of our customers with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, and discretion.

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Why Do Men Opt For Permanent Laser Hair Removal?

In today’s world, more and more men are searching for effective and permanent hair removal solutions.

This is due to many reasons, but some of the main ones include:

  • Self-consciousness. Excessive body hair can become embarrassing, especially on the back and/or shoulders, leading men to seek a permanent reduction.

  • Career opportunities. Permanent hair reduction or removal is necessary for certain careers, such as modelling and acting. In addition, sportsmen such as swimmers, cyclists, and track and field athletes also seek such services.

  • Prevention of skin irritation. Men who don’t like shaving due to skin irritation or inflammation can benefit from laser hair removal of their beard area (lower face and chin), as this will eliminate the need to shave every day.

How Does Laser Hair Removal For Men Work?

Men tend to have deeper and thicker hair follicles than women, and our skin care specialists are trained and experienced in providing the most effective laser hair removal solutions, tailored specifically for our male patients.

We offer the advanced, gold-standard Venus Versa Laser Hair Removal System, which utilizes advanced Smart Pulse technology for an effective treatment that is virtually pain-free.

How Does The Device Work?

The advanced hair removal technology uses intense pulsed light to target hair follicles in the treatment area and deliver therapeutic heat to eliminate the follicle’s ability to grow hair, leading to a drastic reduction in growth.

Many of our male patients enjoy the incredible benefits that come with permanent laser hair removal, including:

  • Quick treatment times
  • Dramatic and long-lasting results
  • Customizable treatments to suit all your unique needs
  • Comfortable treatment with no recovery period

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

While all patients will require a series of treatments in order for laser hair removal to be effective, the number of sessions you’ll require will depend on factors such as the thickness and colour of your hair.

In general:Patients see dramatic improvements within 5-6 treatments.

When Will I Start Seeing The Results of the Treatment?

You will notice the results of your laser hair removal treatment almost immediately. While there may be temporary side effects, such as redness or itchiness, these will resolve very quickly (within two hours). You can expect to be virtually hair-free between your appointments.

Am I a Good Candidate For Laser Hair Removal?

The vast majority of patients are good candidates for permanent hair removal.

However, there are some factors that may make this procedure less effective, including if the client has:

  • Grey/white, red, or blond hair.
  • Hair growth that is too light
  • Tanned skin (both natural and spray-on tans)
  • A tendency towards keloid scarring
  • Tattoos or permanent makeup in the treatment area

Book a Consultation

At our Edmonton skin clinic, our specialists can evaluate your skin type and medical history, while addressing any other concerns you have, to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for laser hair removal.

To find out more about the costs and benefits of this treatment, contact our Edmonton skin clinic today at 780-481-9772 or book an appointment online.

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