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6 Reasons to Keep Up Your Manicures This Fall

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Now that it’s time to say goodbye to sunny weather, most people also say goodbye to their regular manicures. From nail health to stress relief, here are 6 reasons why you should keep up with your regular nail care this fall. 

In between squeezing in some last minute trips to the beach and putting together your fall wardrobe, you may have forgotten all about updating your beauty and skin care routine for the colder weather, but this can spell disaster, especially for those with dry and easily irritated skin.

Here is how you can transition your beauty regimen:

  1. Get a thicker moisturizer to replenish your skin during the colder months.
  2. Stock up on body lotion and lip balm to prevent chapping.
  3. Invest in hand cream and a manicure to take care of your hands and nails.
  4. Turn on your humidifier to keep your skin from drying out.

Customized Fall Beauty Treatments For Healthy, Glowing Skin

From gel manicures to customized skin rejuvenation treatments, the qualified dermatologists at Glo Skin Med and Spa have the expertise you need to transition your skin care routine from summer to fall.

Whatever your needs, we offer a wide range of treatments to take care of your skin, body, and nails for total health and wellness.

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6 Reasons Why You Need to Keep Up The Manicures in The Fall

The colder weather is a great excuse to let your manicure slide. No one really notices chipped nails under your gloves and you may not feel like leaving your house as the winter starts to set in.

While it may seem unnecessary, there are actually a few important reasons why you should still be getting that regular manicure:

  1. Your Hands Will Look Younger. Did you know that unlike other body parts such as your face, your hands can age more quickly? Receiving a professional manicure on a regular basis will provide you with a beautiful, polished, and youthful appearance, as well as promote good health.

  2. It’ll Keep Your Skin Moisturized. Hands are constantly exposed to the damaging effects of the outdoor elements and a regular manicure can prevent them from starting to look dry and aged. In addition, always keep your hands hydrated and protected by wearing gloves.

  3. It’ll Promote Healthier Nails. The regular trimming and filing you get during your manicures will ensure strong and healthy nails. This is especially important if you notice your nails are weak or crack easily.

  4. Manicures reduce stress. Manicures often come with a massage that helps with the circulation of blood and joint performance. In addition, a massage will help you relax and ease tight muscles, reduce swelling, and improve joint mobility.

  5. Manicures promote healthier skin and joints. A manicure always begins with a hand soak to soften the skin and promote blood circulation, while disinfecting your hands. This will reduce any pain or swelling you may have from using your hands all day.

  6. It helps you catch any problems early on. If you aren’t changing your nail polish regularly or visiting a nail professional, you might miss any signs of brittle, dull, or thickened nails that could be a strong indication of a fungus infection.


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