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4 Reasons Why You Should Look After Your Nails This Winter - Tips From The Edmonton Nail Experts

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The holiday season is coming up, which means you need to start looking your best for the festivities, including taking care of your nails. Here are 4 reasons why you should get a manicure/pedicure leading into Christmas. 

While it’s true that manicures and pedicures are an excellent way to occasionally pamper yourself, did you know that such cosmetic treatments can also provide wonderful benefits for your overall health and well-being?

Regularly taking care of your nails by booking professional manicure/pedicures can lead to:

  • enhanced blood circulation
  • healthier and more beautiful nails
  • smoother hands and feet
  • lower stress levels
  • improved mood

Get Beautiful and Healthy Nails With Our Luxurious Manicure/Pedicures

At Glo Skin and Medspa, our professional aestheticians offer customized manicure and pedicure services to suit all our patients’ individual needs, lifestyles, and budget. Our Edmonton nail-care experts use only the highest quality products and pay attention to the smallest details when caring for your hands and feet.

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4 Reasons to Take Care of Your Nails This Winter

Often, when you think about taking care of your skin, you think about your face. However, most people tend to forget how important their hands and feet (and nails) are in your day-to-day activities: we use them virtually all day.

Learning to take care of your nails and the skin of your hands and feet throughout all the seasons, especially the colder months, will help you look better and feel more comfortable.

Here are 4 reasons why you need regular nail care in the winter:

1. It Keeps Your Nails in Good Condition

Regular manicures and pedicures, even throughout the winter, will help keep your nails in good and presentable condition.

Regular manicure/pedicures will:

  • get rid of any dead skin
  • eliminate painful hangnails
  • improve your overall general presentation
  • give you smoother and healthier skin

Keep in mind: No matter what you do on a day-to-day basis, having clean hands and feet is always important and will significantly improve your appearance.


2. It’ll Help Your Skin Fight Against the Harsh Weather

During the colder months, our skin goes through a lot of stress, whether it’s on your face or hands and feet. Poor skin care during the winter will lead to your skin becoming chapped, dry, and/or cracked.

Manicures/pedicures can work wonders by:

  • revitalizing your skin
  • giving it a much-needed boost of moisture
  • increasing blood flow to your hands and feet, which is important in the cold
  • keeping your skin cells healthy and nails healthy


3. It Prevents Weak Nails

The cold winter weather doesn’t just suck out all of the moisture from your skin, but it can take a toll on your nails too. Regular manicure and pedicures provide good conditioning for your hands and feet, and they’ll also prevent your nails from becoming weak and constantly breaking.

Tip: The last thing you want is for your prized nails, that you have been growing all year, to become weak, brittle, and broken, so don’t forget to take care of your hands and feet!


4. It’ll Allow You To Stay Trendy For the Christmas Parties

Fashion and new trends, whether it’s clothes or nail art, are all around us, and if you have your perfect Christmas outfit, you’ll want your nails to match it and bring your whole look together.

Apart from keeping your hands and feet healthy, your nail technician can skillfully apply nail polish or art to help you recreate the look you’ve envisioned, with little or no effort from you! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the pampering.


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To find out more about how we can take care of your hands and feet this winter, and get your nails looking perfect for all the holiday parties, contact us today at 780-481-9772 or book an appointment online.

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