The Benefits Of Spa Facials

The Benefits Of Spa Facials

Everyone aspires to have soft, poreless skin that gives off a youthful glow. When the texture of our skin is smooth and even, it gives us more confidence in our physical appearance. The journey to achieving such immaculate skin does not come easy to most people and everyone's journey is different. Aspiring to picture-perfect skin can involve a diligent skincare routine that includes professional facial treatments. There is a wide selection of types of facials that use different techniques and target different skincare concerns. Going to the spa for a facial has lasting benefits that can drastically improve the look and feel of your skin.

A facial is the great best way to ensure you see the long-term results you want in your skin. Even if you do not suffer from any skin conditions such as acne or hyperpigmentation, facials are a great way to ensure that your skin ages gracefully. Here are some benefits of spa facials:

Your Skin Gets A Thorough Cleaning

Everyone brushes and flosses their teeth every day (at least you should), yet you still visit the dentist for a regular cleaning despite having a great cleaning routine at home. The same should go for your skin. Just because you have an elaborate skincare routine at home, does not mean that you do not require a deeper cleansing from time to time. Professional facials take the state of your skin complexion to a whole new level. A skin esthetician is able to extract dirt and oils from your skin that have built up deep within your pores safely without causing damage to the surface of your skin. The result is the appearance of refined pores and a smoother complexion. 

Relax And Unwind

One of the best reasons for getting a facial is for the relaxing spa experience. Facial massages, hot towels, and the beautiful aroma of high-quality skincare products wash away all of your stress to allow you to immerse yourself in a state of relaxation. A contributing factor to acne, wrinkles, and dull-looking skin is stress. By creating a relaxing environment for your professional facial, your treatment will leave you glowing from the inside out. 

Get An Expert Opinion

Understanding and decoding your skin concerns can be challenging. Abiding by new skincare products that are trending on social media is not always the key to giving you perfect skin. Everyone has different skin types and concerns. A product that works well for someone may not be as effective for you. During your facial, you will be able to ask your esthetician questions about your skin type and the skin concerns you suffer from so you can be on the fast track towards healthy, glowing skin. During your treatment, your esthetician will be able to diagnose your skin and develop treatments specifically catered to you and your skincare goals.

Facial Massage Promotes Blood Circulation

One of the best parts of a facial is the massage. A facial massage improves the blood circulation in your face meaning that your cells receive an increased amount of oxygen and other nutrients. Healthier skin cells will promote collagen production to prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as you age. You will appear to age more slowly with firm, hydrated, and glowing elastic skin. 

Facial Treatments Edmonton

Visiting your dermatologist or skin esthetician for a regular facial will help significantly improve the appearance of your skin. There are a large variety of different facials that are aimed towards different skin types and skin concerns. A spa facial also allows you to enjoy the relaxing setting to help you unwind and destress while your skin receives the benefits of amazing high-quality skincare products and professional skincare practices. 

At Glo Skin & Medspa, our team of experienced medically trained experts offers an array of facial treatments in Edmonton. We are experienced in providing patients with a relaxing facial experience that works to restore their skin's appearance, revealing a smooth, glowing complexion. To learn more about our facial treatments in Edmonton, contact us at (780)-481-9772 or book a Complimentary Consultation.


Q: How often should I get a facial?
A: How often you get a facial will depend on your skincare needs and how often you prefer going. Many people enjoy getting a facial only 2-3 times per year whereas others get one every two weeks.

Q: Is there downtime associated with facials?
A: It will depend on the type of facial you receive. Some facials are gentle on your skin and do not require any downtime. However, other facials that include harsh chemical peels may require some downtime. Speak with your dermatologist before your facial to understand the recovery process and downtime associated.

Q:  How long is a facial appointment?
A: Typically, a facial is one hour long.


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