Pros And Cons Of Permanent Makeup Treatments

Think about how many hours you have spent throughout your life applying makeup. Sure, applying makeup has become a staple in your routine that you tend not to think about; it is just part of everyday life. 

But what else could you have been doing with that precious time you have been using to apply your makeup? You certainly would have more time on your hands to enjoy a nice relaxed breakfast in the morning, or better yet, sleep in. If you are tired of applying your makeup every day or just cannot get it to look as good as the models you see on Instagram, you might want to consider permanent makeup solutions. Just imagine not having to take the time to fill in your sparse and pesky eyebrows ever again! You can spend your days looking your best without having to put the time and effort into it. However, when considering if this type of procedure is worth it or not, remember that the results are permanent.

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How Does Permanent Makeup Work?

Permanent makeup is considered a micro-pigmentation similar to tattoos. Permanent makeup only lasts for 1-3 years because the needle used only reaches the superficial layer of the skin, whereas regular tattoos go deep into the dermis layer. There are 3 main types of permanent makeup:

  • Microblading: Microblading uses a tattooing blade to create thin, hair-like strokes that give off the appearance of perfectly filled-in, symmetrical eyebrows.
  • Lip Blushing: Lip blushing is another semi-permanent tattoo process that defines and fills in your lips with whatever shade you desire. The results are more natural-looking than traditional lip-filler options and can last from 2-5 years. 
  • Permanent Eyeliner: Permanent eyeliner uses the same tattooing techniques as lip blushing and can last you anywhere from 1-3 years. You will be able to choose what style of eyeliner you wish to have tattooed onto your eyelids. 

If you decide that permanent makeup is right for you, research and select a specialist that has the training, experience, and licensing to give you the safest, most natural-looking results.

At Glo Skin & Medspa, our technicians have over 10 years of experience applying permanent makeup and delivering beautiful, long-lasting results. They will customize a treatment to your individual needs and aesthetic goals so you can wake up in the morning looking fresh-faced and beautiful without putting all the effort in. To learn more about our permanent makeup services at our Edmonton location, contact us by filling out our online contact form or by calling us at (780)-481-9772.

Permanent Makeup Pros And Cons

The Pros

  • The biggest benefit of permanent makeup is the amount of time and effort you will save daily by not having to re-apply and remove your makeup. Individuals with an active lifestyle or those who are not good at applying their own makeup will benefit the most from this treatment. .
  • No more smudging or transfer! There is nothing worse than leaving your house with a full face of perfectly done makeup only to see it has all smudged halfway through the day—or worse, accidentally putting on a white hoodie and getting red lipstick or foundation all over it. With permanent makeup, feel free to rub your eye when it gets itchy or jump in a lake without a second thought. 
  • Customize your look! With permanent makeup, you still have the opportunity to choose what color of lip liner you wish to have or what style of eyeliner you want tattooed. It is recommended that you opt for a simple, timeless colour so the look you choose does not go out of style.

The Cons

  • It is permanent. If you like changing your look constantly, permanent makeup might not be for you. You will have this tattooed on for years, and if you do not like the look, you will be unable to change it. Make sure you are 100% certain that permanent makeup is right for you and take your time deciding what look you wish to have so you do not regret it down the road.
  • Permanent makeup can be expensive. If you spend lots of money on makeup to begin with, then permanent makeup may be cost-effective for you. Otherwise, sticking with your drugstore makeup might be a financially sounder decision.
  • The results of your permanent makeup will still fade over time. Like tattoos that taper off over time, you may be required to receive additional treatments once every few years to keep the pigmentation bold and noticeable. 

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There is a lot to think about when it comes to permanent makeup treatments. Carefully consider your lifestyle, why you want permanent makeup, and if all of the pros listed above outweigh the cons. Take your time, weigh your options, and speak with a professional technician before you make your final decision.
To find out more about the costs and benefits of our permanent makeup treatments, and how our skincare specialists can help you meet all your aesthetic goals, contact our Edmonton medical spa at (780) 481-9772 or fill out our online contact form.


Q: Do permanent makeup treatments hurt?
A: The sensation of the treatment is very similar to that of getting a real tattoo. You may feel discomfort and some pain. Your technician may also apply a numbing cream to the area receiving the treatment to reduce the feeling of any pain.

Q: How long does permanent makeup last?
A: Permanent makeup lasts anywhere from 2-3 years. This will also be affected by how well you care for the tattoo during the healing process as well as your skin type. Different skin types will hold the pigmentation in the skin longer than others. Speak to your technician about their permanent makeup treatments and how long their patients' results have lasted.

Q: What happens if I do not like the results?
A: Unfortunately, that is the risk you have to take with permanent makeup treatments. If you do not like the results, you will, unfortunately, be stuck with them. In that case, you can hold out until the results fade over time or temporarily cover it up with other makeup.


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