How To Prepare Your Skin For Optimal Waxing Results

How To Prepare Your Skin For Optimal Waxing Results

Is there anything more frustrating than taking the time to shave just to feel little prickly hairs the next day? If you are in search of longer-lasting hair removal, it might be time to try waxing. There are other forms of hair removal available these days, but laser hair removal, even though it can offer fantastic long-term results, takes much longer and requires some long-term pre-planning. Waxing takes a bit of forethought, but often only by a few weeks at most. While some people prefer to wax as their main form of hair removal, others only wax for special occasions. Whether you’re only getting a one-off waxing or you want to make this your new form of hair removal, here are some steps you should take before every waxing appointment.

Steps to Take Before Waxing

Grow Your Hair
It might sound counterintuitive since you’re trying to remove your hair, but it needs to get worse before it gets better. In order for the wax to thoroughly grip the hairs, the hairs need some length. At the minimum, they should be just shy of 1cm, about the length of a grain of rice. If they are shorter than this, some hairs may not come out right away. Shorter hair is more painful to remove, so these extra few millimeters are absolutely worth it. Everyone’s hair will grow at different rates, but the general suggestion is to not shave for a week or two before your waxing appointment.

Exfoliating the waxing area in the days leading up to your appointment will help to get rid of dead skin which will help the wax stick to the hairs. Exfoliating can also help to expose any ingrown hairs so they can be picked up by the wax. But don’t exfoliate too close to your appointment, as you don’t want your skin to be overly sensitive. Instead, do this 2 or 3 days beforehand. Waxing is also an exfoliant, so preparing the skin beforehand is great, but the area will also get cleared of any remaining dead skin cells during treatment.

Use High-Quality Products
Some skin products will clog your pores, which can actually make waxing more difficult. If there is a buildup of product in the pores, it can make it more difficult and painful for the hair follicles to pull out of the pores. Try to only use non-comedogenic (non-blackhead causing and pore filling) skin products on the area of waxing leading up to your appointment. And forget about using coconut oil; the popular product may leave your skin feeling smooth but it is a major culprit for clogged pores.

Know Your Skin
If you have any moles, beauty marks, or other spots that could cause an issue, point them out to the skin care specialist doing your waxing. Any cuts, inflammation, or rashes on the waxing area need to be healed before you get any waxing completed. If your skin unexpectedly breaks out in a rash or you get an unexpected cut, you may need to reschedule your waxing appointment.

On the days leading up to your waxing appointment, you should keep the area that will be waxed moisturized. This will help the wax grip and can help reduce pain. On the actual day of the waxing, avoid using any moisturizing creams, as the moisturizer may coat the hairs and cause the wax not to grip. If you do moisturize earlier in the day before your appointment, wipe the area that will be waxed with a warm, damp cloth.

Don’t Use Retinol
Although it may be a part of your regular skin care routine, it is suggested to not use retinol on the area of waxing either a week before or a week after your waxing appointment. Retinol-based products can make the skin more sensitive to pain and can also increase the risk of suffering a burn from the wax or other skin irritation.


Get Smooth, Hairless Skin With Waxing In Edmonton

Legs, eyebrows, underarms, and more can all be hair free and smooth with waxing. If you are looking for trained skin care specialists that can perform great waxing services, Glo Skin and Medspa can help. Our skin care professionals not only specialize in waxing and other forms of hair removal, but we also work with you to learn more about your skin. This allows us to give you the best waxing experience possible while also ensuring you don’t react poorly to the treatment. To schedule a waxing session for a variety of areas, contact Glo Skin and Medspa at 1-780-481-9772 or fill out the online contact form to get the smooth and completely hair-free skin you desire.



Q: Is waxing painful?
A: The levels of pain you may feel will depend on your preparation in the weeks leading up to waxing, the area that is being waxed, and the sensitivity of your skin. During the first waxing session, you will likely experience some pain, but as the sessions go on and your hair becomes finer, the discomfort will lessen. In the hands of a skilled esthetician, waxing is a relatively comfortable treatment. They may even apply a cooling antiseptic cream on the areas to help minimize any post-procedure discomfort.

Q: How long do the results of waxing last?
A: While everyone’s hair grows at different rates, most waxing results last between 3 and 6 weeks.

Q: I want to get my eyebrows waxed. Do I need to follow the same steps to get ready?
A: Yes, these steps work for all forms of waxing. Since eyebrow waxing is a form of facial waxing, you may want to take a few other steps as well, such as not wearing makeup to your appointment. Get eyebrow-specific tips by reading 6 Things You Must Do Before Your Eyebrow Waxing Appointment.


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