How to Prepare Your Skin For a Chemical Peel

Are you planning on having a chemical peel in the future? Here’s how to prepare for your facial rejuvenation treatment & how you can get 20% off your future skin treatments at our Edmonton medical spa!

There are many benefits to receiving a chemical peel. Not only does this treatment reveal a brighter, smoother, and more refined complexion, it will also improve the overall tone and texture of your skin in just one treatment! 

Other benefits of opting for chemical peels include: 

  • Improves skin colour, clarity, tone, and texture
  • Reduces skin discoloration caused by sun damage 
  • Increases hydration of skin 
  • Stimulates new collagen and healthy skin cell growth for a more radiant complexion 
  • Address skin imperfections and superficial scars 
  • Allows your at-home skin care products to be more effective and penetrate deeper into the skin

Prepay For Your Future Skin Treatments and Get 20% Off At Our Edmonton Spa

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How to Prepare For Your Future Chemical Peel Skin Treatment 

Chemical peels effectively exfoliate your skin on a deep level, and unlike a superficial mask, chemical peels perform a penetrating clean that delivers immediate results for skin problems such as pigmentation, aging, acne, and sun damage. 

Because they can be a very intense skin treatment, it’s important to ensure that your skin is well prepared prior to your procedure. Here are some tips on how to get your mind and skin ready for this treatment. 

Preparing Your Mind 

The first step to a chemical peel prep is largely mental. It’s very important to be organized and prepared for your peel, as the process often entails specific and timed instructions. 

  1. Choosing the correct peel. The success of any chemical peel depends on whether or not it’s a good match for your skin. Book a consultation with your skin care specialist to discuss your skin type, skincare habits, and other relevant medical information and they can help you select the right peel. 

  2. Disclose any medication use. It’s important to tell your skin care professional about any medications you are using. Depending on this information, your skin care specialist might recommend you temporarily stop your dosage so it doesn’t interfere with the success of your procedure. 

  3. Obtain any after-care instructions. Depending on the level of your chemical peel, you might get some specific information regarding after-care. This might include avoiding sunlight, sleeping on your back, and using specific creams to prevent infection. 

Preparing Your Body 

The second, and equally important, step to preparing for a chemical peel is physical. To avoid unwanted irritation and side effects, and to maximize the benefits of your treatment, you must prepare your skin beforehand. 

  1. Don’t exfoliate. Since a chemical peel is an in-depth exfoliation, it’s important that you don’t exfoliate for at least 1 week before your appointment. In addition, watch out for ingredients in your daily skin care products that may have an exfoliating effect. If you use such products prior to your treatment, you could cause damage to your skin. 

  2. Refrain from using make-up. You want as little dirt on your face as possible before your peel, so take a break from wearing makeup for a few days before your treatment and let your skin detox! 

  3. Avoid the sun. Most chemical peels respond better to skin that isn’t skin-damaged, so make an effort to avoid the sun as much as possible prior to your treatment, and if you are outside, make sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunblock (at least SPF 30).

  4. Stay hydrated. Your skin should be well-hydrated on the day of your chemical peel. Make sure you stop using any products that dry out your skin a few days prior to your appointment, and remember to drink lots of water. 

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