How to Decide Which Type of Chemical Peel Is Right for You

Are you considering having a customized chemical peel treatment to instantly rejuvenate your appearance? This skin treatment is an excellent solution for a wide range of concerns, including wrinkles and acne. Here’s how to decide which type of chemical peel is right for you.

Chemical peels are an excellent treatment for a number of skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne. If you are looking for a way to get more youthful, brighter, and clearer skin, then a chemical peel could be the right solution for you. 

Some of the benefits of this skin treatment include: 

  • Improvement of overall skin texture
  • Elimination of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved appearance of acne scars 
  • It’s minimally invasive with little downtime 
  • Fast and long lasting skin rejuvenation results 

Customized Chemical Peel Treatments in Edmonton 

At our Edmonton clinic, we offer a wide range of customized skin rejuvenation treatments, including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and Botox, to help eliminate fine lines/wrinkles and give you healthy, glowing skin. Whatever your needs, we take into consideration your skin type, goals, and concerns, to develop a fully personalized treatment plan for excellent results. 

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Which Chemical Peel Is Right for Me?

During a chemical peel, a solution will be applied to your face that causes your skin to exfoliate its dead cells. New, smoother skin will grow underneath, revealing a fresher, more youthful appearance. While it’s always best to book a consultation with your skin specialist to determine which chemical peel is right for you, here is a basic guideline to follow: 

Light Chemical Peels 

Light chemical peels remove the outermost layer of skin. These peels typically use alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids, and result in a light and mild exfoliation. You may be a good candidate for a light chemical peel if you have: 

  • Uneven skin tone
  • Fine lines or wrinkles
  • Acne

Because these chemical peels are mild, recovery can last anywhere from 1-7 days, with minimal irritation and redness.

Medium Chemical Peels 

Medium chemical peels use trichloroacetic acid or glycolic acid to remove the outer layer and upper middle layer of your skin. Your skin specialist may recommend this if you have: 

  • Deeper lines or wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Uneven skin tone

Medium chemical peels will cause more redness, stinging, and flaking compared to light peels, but results are more distinct and you can expect your skin to be noticeably smoother and younger looking after just one treatment.

Deep Chemical Peel

Deep chemical peels use phenol to penetrate your skin to the lower dermal layer, causing your skin to regenerate from deep within. This might be suggested for you if you have: 

  • Blotchy skin tone
  • Sun damage
  • Scars
  • Deeper lines and wrinkles

Recovery from a deep chemical peel can take several weeks and it’s important to stay out of the sun while you heal and to use your prescribed moisturizer. The results from a deep chemical peel are dramatic and long lasting and improvements can last for up to 10 years. 

Want to Know Which Chemical Peel Is Right for You? 

At our Edmonton medspa, our team of highly trained skin specialists can examine your aesthetic goals, concerns, and skin, to help determine which type of chemical peel will give you the safest and most satisfactory results. 

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