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Why Do Brows Matter?

Eyebrows are the most defining feature of the face. A full and well-defined brow frames the face, emphasizes the eyes, and creates a youthful lift. Whether your brows have thinned, are over-plucked, very fair, or you simply want to improve their shape and look, we can correct it all.

When it comes to waking up with the perfect brows, the two techniques used today are Micropigmentation and Microblading. But what's the difference?  We're here to give you the low down! 

  • Micropigmentation: Micropigmentation has been around for many years. It's also referred to as permanent makeup or dermal pigmentation. Micropigmentation uses a nano needle and digital machine to implant mineral pigment below the dermis layer of the skin. With Micropigmentation, we're able to control the depth of both the needle and pigment, which ultimately affects the longevity of your results. You can expect your results to last for 2-5 years. The best part? The treatment can be customized to your individual aesthetic goals. Whether you want more of a hair stroke look or a full, powdered brow, we can do both!  
  • Microblading: Microblading is a newer cosmetic trend using a more manual technique. In this process, pigment is implanted into the epidermis (the first three layers of the skin) using a row of needles affixed to a handle. The result of this is semi-permanent: typically a touch-up is required within 6-12 months.

We know that choosing a Brow Specialist is a very important decision. After all, it is your face! So we've outlined some factors for you to consider to make your choice just that much easier.

  • Education - There are many areas of study when learning Micropigmentation. Some of these include facial features and bone structure, brow shaping and design, color theory, and prevention of cross-contamination. Courses can range from a weekend to a week at a time. Also, be sure to ask your Brow Specialist if they were required to complete a Supervised Internship under a fellow Brow Artist. 
  • Experience - Don't be afraid to ask your Artist how long they've been performing Micropigmentation or Microblading for. Or how many procedures they've done. Does the Technician have prior experience in aesthetics where they had previous education in facial features and brow shaping?
  • Befores & Afters - Be sure to look at some before and after photos. Ask to see ones similar to your individual bone structure and/or hair and skin color. 
  • Numbing - Does the clinic offer numbing? Here at Glo, we use both a topical and injectable numbing to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. 

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