Can I Make My Waxing Results Last Longer?

Can I Make My Waxing Results Last Longer?

Having your waxing results last for a long time really comes down to ensuring that your hairs are pulled out by the root. Pulling hairs out by the root is the whole reason people get waxing; if you don’t get the hair by the root, it grows back really fast, as seen when you shave. In order to get waxing results that last a long time, you need to both prepare your skin for optimal waxing results and take care of your skin in between waxing sessions. Here are some ways you can help prolong your waxing results each time you use this hair removal method.

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Tips To Prolong Your Waxing Results

If you want beautifully smooth skin, exfoliation is always the way to go. But did you know exfoliation can also help your waxing results last longer? Exfoliating will both help your hair grow with reduced risk of ingrown hairs and it will give the wax a smooth, flat surface to adhere to. The better grip the wax has, the more hairs it can grab for a smooth, even wax.

Only Wax, Don’t Shave
If you want great waxing results, don’t shave in between your waxing appointments. The more you wax your legs, the easier it is to remove hair next time, leading to better results. When you shave in between waxing appointments, you change the direction of your hair growth and you can get inconsistent, patchy hair growth. Shaving between appointments can also cause ingrown hairs, which are visually unappealing, irritating, and can affect the quality of future waxing.

Grow Your Hair
This should be fairly easy to do since you want to avoid shaving in between waxes anyway, but make sure your hair is a good length before you go to your waxing appointment. If the hair is too short, the wax won’t have anything to grip and it won’t pull the hairs out well. Try to grow your hair out to about half a centimeter to get the best waxing results.

If you go into your waxing appointment with dry, dull hair, the results won’t last as long. If the hair is brittle, it will break off instead of pulling up from the root. Even though the hair will appear shorter, it won’t be pulled out as well as it should be and it will grow back much faster. To prevent this, moisturize your skin for the week leading up to your appointment.

The more you wax, the less often you’ll need to. Repeated waxing (without shaving) pulls the hair from the root of the skin and discourages hair growth. By damaging the hair follicle, waxing changes the hair growth cycle, causing hair to grow back slower each time. But for the hair growth cycle to be interrupted, you have to maintain steady waxing for a while. Also, waxing won’t completely stop hair from growing, but it will reduce the amount of hair growth and slow growth.

Receive Professional Waxing
We’ve all seen boxed waxing kits in the store, but these do not deliver the same results. These at-home kits are difficult to use properly, especially those hard-to-reach places. Even if you are waxing an easy-to-reach area, the wax from non-heated, at-home waxing kits is not as strong as professional hot waxing and you are more likely to break hairs instead of pulling out at the root, not to mention have a sticky residue left behind. But these at-home kits also tend to come with more hazards. Improper use can cause skin irritation after the waxing and at-home heated wax kits can cause burns and heat-related skin reactions. Professional waxing is more effective, safer, and delivers a longer-lasting waxing result.


Get Smooth, Silky Skin With Waxing In Edmonton

Waxing done by a professional ensures proper and thorough removal of the hair. At Glo Skin and Medspa in Edmonton, our skin care specialists will create the smooth, hair-free skin you desire and take into account any skin sensitivities or concerns you may have. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff can educate you about your skin and the hair removal process, all while delivering the beautiful results you want. To book a waxing appointment at Glo Skin and Medspa, call 1-780-481-9772 or fill out the online contact form and take a step closer to smooth, hair-free skin.



Q: Does Glo Skin offer hair removal services other than waxing?
A: Yes, Glo Skin offers laser hair removal if you are looking for even longer-term hair removal than waxing. To learn more about laser hair removal, read the 6 Incredible Benefits Of Opting For Laser Hair Removal.

Q: What areas can receive waxing?
A: Glo Skin and Medspa offers waxing for these areas:

  • Brows
  • Lip or chin
  • Face
  • Underarms
  • Arms
  • The Bikini line and area
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Chest

Q: How long do the results of waxing last?
A: While everyone’s hair grows at different rates, most waxing results last between 3 and 6 weeks.


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