6 Essential Fall Skin Care Tips

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6 Essential Fall Skin Care Tips

During the fall, it’s crucial that your skin care routine works to correct any damage that happened during the summer while strengthening and preparing your skin for winter. Here are 6 essential skin care tips to successfully adjust your skin care routine to the fall months:

1. Exfoliate. Fall is the perfect time to get rid of any old skin cells that are drying and flaking off from your summer tan. You can opt for an over the counter exfoliator or for additional benefits, visit our Skincare Specialists for a customized chemical peel.

2. Keep away from harsh soaps. During the autumn months, you should be mindful of the soap you use. Many soaps on the market can promote drying, which is made worse by the pants and long-sleeved shirts that can wick away your skin’s natural moisture. This season, use a gentle oil-based cleanser that will give you the hydration you need.

3. Don’t forget the sunblock. Although many people believe that sunblock is only meant for the summer, this couldn’t be further from the truth. UV rays penetrate through the atmosphere in any season so your skin still requires protection, especially your face as you begin to bundle up in response to the colder weather.

4. Prevent dry lips. All Edmontonians are familiar with this particular fall problem. The cooler temperatures and windy conditions can cause your lips to crack and split so don’t forget to give them the protection they need with a moisturizing balm that includes SPF.

5. Keep hand cream in your bag. Just like with your lips, the colder temperatures can cause our hands and feet to become dry and cracked so prepare your skin for the late-fall and winter months by moisturizing your hands regularly. 

6. Use a facial serum. If you aren’t already using a facial serum, then now's the time to incorporate one into your skincare routine. Serums are light, fast-absorbing, and efficient, and they deliver high concentrations of antioxidants and vitamins to help improve the effects of sun damage and increase your skin's moisture barrier.

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