3 Warning Signs To Watch For When Getting A Pedicure

3 Warning Signs To Watch For When Getting A Pedicure

What could be better than settling in for a moment of pampering with a pedicure? When everything is done properly, not many things are more relaxing. But when you walk into a spa that seems like it’s not up to standard, it can be worrisome and ruin the experience. If a spa is not following proper sanitizing protocols there is even a risk of infections or fungus. So how can you tell if a spa experience is going to be pleasant or not? Sometimes you can tell just from looking around, other times you can look up credentials online or ask the staff about it. Here are 3 ways to make sure your feet are in good hands and some things a good spa should be doing to go above and beyond.

Check These Three Things Before Having A Pedicure At A Spa

Sterilized Equipment. All spas should be sterilizing their tools between every client. If the tool cannot be sterilized, the spa should be using a single-use product that gets thrown out after every use, as with pumice stones or toe separators. It may not be immediately obvious whether or not a spa is sterilizing their equipment (and if it’s obvious they are not sterilizing, get out of there fast!) but you should see them throwing out the single use items and taking away large items, such as foot basins, when other clients finish. If you have any concerns, you can ask the spa before your appointment what they do to sanitize.

Tidiness And Cleanliness. A dirty spa is a clear sign to leave, but clutter can also signal that proper care is not being taken. You don’t want to be exposing your feet to any bacteria, and spas that have dusty or unclean floors or that have tools strewn around are likely not cleaning as thoroughly as they should be.

Reviews. The best way to know if a spa is worth your time is to check the reviews. Most places will be on sites like Yelp and there are always Google reviews to check. Don’t just look at the ratings, give the comments a read as well. Some places will offer extra services and if they do, the reviews will mention it. The reviews will also point out anything improper or unsanitary so you won’t have to deal with it.

Enhanced Services That Set Greats Spas Apart

Wax Treatment. Not every spa has or uses paraffin wax, but it sure is nice when they do. Paraffin wax is a natural emollient that leaves the skin feeling moisturized and soft while opening pores and removing dead skin. But there’s also a relaxation element to the wax. In order to coat the skin, the wax must be heated and the foot dipped into it. This warmth is very pleasant and longer lasting than a foot bath since the wax clings to the foot and traps the heat.

Massage. Pedicures treat your whole foot, not just the skin. Getting rid of dead skin through filing and maybe a sugar scrub should be expected, but a good spa that’s focused on having the client enjoy the experience as well as leaving with soft, supple feet will also massage the foot and calf. Not only does this add to the relaxation element, it can help with foot pain. Some spas will also have electric massage chairs so you can have a more full body experience.

High Quality Products. A high quality spa means high quality products. This includes waxes, oils, scrubs, polishes, and any other product that is coming in contact with your skin. Some lower priced spas keep costs down by using cheaper products that are not only less luxurious but that may irritate sensitive skin. If the spa doesn’t have their products listed on their online site, you can call them and ask.

Find The Best Spa Pedicure Experience In Edmonton

Your spa experience should be stress free, so make sure you choose a spa that can provide a completely relaxing treatment. Find spas that are committed to offering an elevated and safe customer experience. Choose Glo Skin & Med Spa in NW Edmonton for the most luxurious pedicures and manicures. We value our clients and strive to provide the highest level of care and pampering available. Call our artistically and technically proficient staff at 780-481-9772 to book an appointment. Whether it’s a special outing, a routine pedicure, or your first spa visit, Glo Skin will make sure your experience is comfortable and relaxed.


Q: What nail services does Glo Skin and Med Spa in Edmonton offer?
A: Glo Skin offers a selection of manicures and pedicures as well as a gel polish option. To find out more about our nail care services click here

Q: What are the benefits of pedicures?
A: Other than making your feet look great, pedicures remove dead skin and calluses. Pedicures can also help relieve the pain caused by ingrown toenails. Treatments such as pedicures can also be good for your mental health as you take the time to do something relaxing for yourself.

Q: How long does a pedicure take?
A: Depending on the type of pedicure you choose, your appointment will last anywhere from between 40-75 minutes.


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