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Pros and Cons of Waxing vs Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal Edmonton

Are you considering your hair removal choices? From traditional waxing to innovate laser hair removal services, here’s how to decide the best option for you.

With summer just around the corner, the sun will be out more regularly, so it’s time to prep your skin for some beach or poolside! Apart from allowing you to wear what you want with complete confidence, opting for hair removal services such as waxing or laser treatments instead of shaving, has many benefits, including:

  • smoother skin
  • saved time
  • fewer ingrown/broken hairs
  • less long-term hair growth

Customised Hair Removal Services in Edmonton

At Glo Skin Med Spa, our trained and skilled estheticians offer effective hair removal services, from laser treatments to waxing, to help reduce unwanted body hair with very little discomfort, so you can show off your skin all summer long!

Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal vs Waxing: Which Is Right For You?

Hair removal is a major concern for many men and women in Edmonton and there are many permanent and non-permanent methods that can help you get rid of any unwanted body hair: the two main ones being waxing and laser hair removal.

To help you decide which is the right option for you, it’s best to talk to a professional esthetician as they can help determine which is best suited for your needs, budget and lifestyle. (Talk to an Edmonton Hair Removal Expert >)

Here’s a basic guide to the pros and cons of waxing and laser hair removal to help get you started:



Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal. Using heated wax, it pulls any unwanted facial or body hair directly from the root and doesn’t allow it to grow back for approximately 2-3 weeks.


  • Results can last from 21-30 days and are much longer-lasting than results from shaving.  
  • The short-term costs are lower than those of laser hair removal.
  • It prevents ingrown hair.
  • Waxing can get all those ‘hard-to-reach-areas’ that shaving or laser treatments may not.
  • Lower short-term costs compared to laser hair removal.


  • Results are temporary and you’ll have to keep waxing indefinitely.
  • It’s more painful than shaving or laser hair removal.
  • It requires regrowth in order to be effective.
  • The long-term costs are much higher than with shaving or laser hair removal treatments.


Laser Hair Removal

At Glo Skin and Medspa, we use the innovative and advanced Smart Pulse© Laser Hair Removal Technology to help you remove any unwanted facial or body hair permanently.

This treatment works by emitting a specific wavelength of light to target your hair follicles at the root, essentially destroying them, and achieving permanent hair reduction.


  • It causes no damage to the dermis, so even sensitive skin can be treated.
  • It offers a long-term hair removal solution, so you’ll never have to worry about unwanted facial or body hair again.
  • It works on many areas of the body including the face, underarms, bikini, or stomach.
  • It’s not as painful as waxing.
  • The long-term costs are much lower compared to waxing.


  • It takes multiple treatments (6-8 sessions) before you see permanent results.
  • You have to wait 6 weeks in between sessions.
  • If done by an untrained technician, laser hair removal could leave burns or scars on the skin.
  • It doesn’t work well for patients with red, white, or grey hair
  • The short-term costs are higher than waxing or shaving.


Ready To Give Laser Hair Removal a Try?

Join the many men and women in Edmonton who are loving their silky soft, hair-free skin! Contact our Edmonton clinic today at 780-481-9772 or book your FREE consultation.

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